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To report a bug that you have discovered in a personality file,
find the file in the database and click on the picture of a bug.
You will then be required to input your details and information
about the bug.

Please ensure that you are using the most recent version of the personality file before reporting a bug.

Current Bug Reports:

Fixture Details Desk Type Bug Info Status Report Date

Platinum Beam 5R
Elation_Platinum Beam 5R.d4

 Pearl Expert Titan (.d4)

 Macro: Lamp On and Lamp Off doesn't works THX

 Awaiting Information

 21/02/2019 13:13:31

Stage Evolution
LED Spark 150
Stage Evolution_LED Spark 150.d4

 TitanOne (.d4)

 it doesn't work at all

 Awaiting Information

 20/02/2019 10:59:02

High End
Cyberlight 2.0
High End_Cyberlight 2.0.d4

 Diamond 4 (.d4)

 see It occurs that the CMY channels are inverted in capture - you need to invert them in Titan, in order to get output when pressing locate. Unfortunately the manual doesn't give away how these channels are supposed to work, but I have reason to assume these channels need to be un-inverted in capture/AtlaBase. Don't know if you have a fixture to test this - and then, please have AtlaBase correct this


 17/02/2019 03:30:53

Gobos do Brasil
Super Spot 9x10W Quad RGBW
Gobos do Brasil_Super Spot 9x10W Quad RGBW.d4

 Diamond 4 (.d4)

 It`s not a bug report. It`s to request the capture file for this fixture. Is it possible? Regards

 Awaiting Information

 14/02/2019 20:18:42