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To report a bug that you have discovered in a personality file,
find the file in the database and click on the picture of a bug.
You will then be required to input your details and information
about the bug.

Please ensure that you are using the most recent version of the personality file before reporting a bug.

Current Bug Reports:

Fixture Details Desk Type Bug Info Status Report Date

Intimidator Trio
Chauvet_Intimidator Trio.d4

 Titan Mobile (.d4)

 15 channel mode works. 30 channel mode only shows 12 color controls. no other controls available. please fix. Aloha Keoni

 Awaiting Information

 17/02/2018 21:41:33

TSL-200 LED Scan 20W
Eurolite_TSL-200 LED Scan 20W.d4

 Diamond 4 (.d4)

 I found some incorrect things in the personality. 1/ The fixture hasn't the color orange but red (255,0,0). The personality has the color orange so please change this to red. 2/ The fixture hasn't the color pink but purple (128,0,128). The personality has the color pink so please change this to purple. 3/ Color DMX values, set by the wheel using fix colors are correct. When using the color pallet all values are incorrect! For example: Open (White) with the wheel sends 2 on the color channel but the pallet sends the value 8 and the result is White with partial Blue 3/ Is it possible to create splitcolors in the personality? This is done by changing the value on the color channel Open(White) / Dark Blue -> DMX value 12 Dark Blue / Red -> 27 Red / Yellow -> 42 Yellow / Purple -> 59 Purple / Light Blue -> 73 Light Blue / Green -> 91 Green / Magenta -> 108 4/ The fixture has also gobo shake functionality. Could this be added? 5/ Is it possible to update the colors in the visualiser? Many thanks!

 Being Fixed

 16/02/2018 21:41:36

Conic_STR-300W LED.d4

 Diamond 4 (.d4)

 Error name of fixture. L-Strobe C8 its the real name.

 Awaiting Information

 13/02/2018 23:49:09