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High End Axon Media Server (HEAMSM1.R20)

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1IntensityGlobal IntHTP25500
2EffectsG Effect 1InstantSafeSafeSafe
3OtherG Eff 1 M1Instant000
4OtherG Eff 1 M2Instant000
5OtherG Eff 1 M3Instant000
6OtherG Effect 2InstantSafeSafeSafe
7OtherG Eff 2 M1Instant000
8OtherG Eff 2 M2Instant000
9OtherG Eff 2 M3Instant000
10OtherMask SelectInstantRd Cl out iRd Cl out iRd Cl out i
11OtherMask SizeInstant25500
12OtherMask EdgeInstant000
13OtherTop EdgeLTP000
14OtherRight EdgeLTP000
15OtherBottom EdgeLTP000
16OtherLeft EdgeLTP000
17OtherTop Left XLTP000
18OtherTop Left YLTP000
19OtherTop Right XLTP000
20OtherTop Right YLTP000
21OtherBottom R XLTP000
22OtherBottom R YLTP000
23OtherBottom L XLTP000
24OtherBottom L YLTP000
25OtherX RatioLTP12800
26OtherY RatioLTP12800
27OtherViewpoint MInstantCentre Of UCentre Of UCentre Of U
28Pan/TiltView Pos XLTP 16bit12800
29Pan/TiltView Pos LowLTP12800
30Pan/TiltView Pos YLTP 16bit12800
31Pan/TiltView Pos LowLTP12800
32OtherView Pos ZLTPCentreIn Fro (0)In Fro (0)
33OtherView Pos LowLTP000
34GoboGlob Cont MdInstantReserv (0)Reserv (0)Reserv (0)
35GoboGlobal ContInstantNo CtrlNo CtrlNo Ctrl