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High End Axon Media Server (High End_Axon Media Server.d4)

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1. Master Layer
1PanTiltPan High50%
2PanTiltPan Low50%
3PanTiltTilt High50%
4PanTiltTilt Low50%
11BeamCam Zoom High50%
12BeamCam Zoom Low50%
13BeamCam Focus HighFocus 0%
14BeamCam Focus LowFocus 0%
15BeamInfraredIR off, Ill off
16IntensityCam ShutterAuto
17ColourWhite BalanceAuto
18SpecialCam PosFlip Off M Off
19EffectsCam EffectAll off
20ColourRed Gain0% 100% 0%
21ColourBlue Gain0% 0% 90%
2. Global Layer
2EffectsG Effect 1Safe
3EffectsG Effect 1 Mod 10%
4EffectsG Effect 1 Mod 20%
5EffectsG Effect 1 Mod 30%
6EffectsG Effect 2Safe
7EffectsG Effect 2 Mod 10%
8EffectsG Effect 2 Mod 20%
9EffectsG Effect 2 Mod 30%
10BeamMask SelectRd Cl out in
11BeamMask Size100%
12BeamMask Edge0%
13BeamTop Edge0%
14BeamRight Edge0%
15BeamBottom Edge0%
16BeamLeft Edge0%
17EffectsTop Left X0%
18EffectsTop Left Y0%
19EffectsTop Right X0%
20EffectsTop Right Y0%
21EffectsBottom Right X0%
22EffectsBottomRight Y0%
23EffectsBottom Left X0%
24EffectsBottom Left Y0%
25EffectsX Ratio50%
26EffectsY Ratio50%
27BeamViewpoint MCentre Of Uni
28BeamView Pos X HighCentre
29BeamView Pos X LowCentre
30BeamView Pos Y HighCentre
31BeamView Pos Y LowCentre
32BeamView Pos Z HighIn Front of View 10%
33BeamView Pos Z LowIn Front of View 10%
34SpecialGlobal Control MReserved 0%
35SpecialGlobal ControlNo Ctrl
3. Object1
2Effects3D Obj File 11st Stock 3D
3SpecialMedia Folder 1Safe
4SpecialMedia File 1Safe
5SpecialIn Frame 1 High0%
6SpecialIn Frame 1 Low0%
7SpecialOut Frame 1 High100%
8SpecialOut Frame 1 Low100%
9SpecialPlay Mode 1Play Loop
10SpecialPlay Speed 1Normal
11SpecialSync Mode 1Safe
12SpecialSync To 1Safe
13SpecialVisual Mode 1Optimisation
14SpecialVis Mode1 Mod 10%
15SpecialVis Mode1 Mod 20%
16EffectsEffect 1 Mode 1Off
17EffectsEffect 1 M1 Mod 10%
18EffectsEffect 1 M1 Mod 20%
19EffectsEffect 1 M1 Mod 30%
20EffectsEffect 1 Mode 2Off
21EffectsEffect 1 M2 Mod 10%
22EffectsEffect 1 M2 Mod 20%
23EffectsEffect 1 M2 Mod 30%
24BeamX Rot 1 HighNo Rot
25BeamX Rot 1 LowNo Rot
26BeamY Rot 1 HighNo Rot
27BeamY Rot 1 LowNo Rot
28BeamZ Rot 1 HighNo Rot
29BeamZ Rot 1 LowNo Rot
30BeamScale X 150%
31BeamScale Y 150%
32BeamScale Z 150%
33BeamX Pos 1 HighCentre
34BeamX Pos 1 LowCentre
35BeamY Pos 1 HighCentre
36BeamY Pos 1 LowCentre
37BeamZ Pos 1 HighCentre
38BeamZ Pos 1 LowCentre
4. Object2
2Effects3D Obj File 21st Stock 3D
3SpecialMedia Folder 2Safe
4SpecialMedia File 2Safe
5SpecialIn Frame 2 High0%
6SpecialIn Frame 2 Low0%
7SpecialOut Frame 2 High100%
8SpecialOut Frame 2 Low100%
9SpecialPlay Mode 2Play Loop
10SpecialPlay Speed 2Normal
11SpecialSync Mode 2Safe
12SpecialSync To 2Safe
13SpecialVisual Mode 2Optimisation
14SpecialVis Mode2 Mod 10%
15SpecialVis Mode2 Mod 20%
16EffectsEffect 2 Mode 1Off
17EffectsEffect 2 M1 Mod 10%
18EffectsEffect 2 M1 Mod 20%
19EffectsEffect 2 M1 Mod 30%
20EffectsEffect 2 Mode 2Off
21EffectsEffect 2 M2 Mod 10%
22EffectsEffect 2 M2 Mod 20%
23EffectsEffect 2 M2 Mod 30%
24BeamX Rot 2 HighNo Rot
25BeamX Rot 2 LowNo Rot
26BeamY Rot 2 HighNo Rot
27BeamY Rot 2 LowNo Rot
28BeamZ Rot 2 HighNo Rot
29BeamZ Rot 2 LowNo Rot
30BeamScale X 250%
31BeamScale Y 250%
32BeamScale Z 250%
33BeamX Pos 2 HighCentre
34BeamX Pos 2 LowCentre
35BeamY Pos 2 HighCentre
36BeamY Pos 2 LowCentre
37BeamZ Pos 2 HighCentre
38BeamZ Pos 2 LowCentre
5. Object3
2Effects3D Obj File 31st Stock 3D
3SpecialMedia Folder 3Safe
4SpecialMedia File 3Safe
5SpecialIn Frame 3 High0%
6SpecialIn Frame 3 Low0%
7SpecialOut Frame 3 High100%
8SpecialOut Frame 3 Low100%
9SpecialPlay Mode 3Play Loop
10SpecialPlay Speed 3Normal
11SpecialSync Mode 3Safe
12SpecialSync To 3Safe
13SpecialVisual Mode 3Optimisation
14SpecialVis Mode3 Mod 10%
15SpecialVis Mode3 Mod 20%
16EffectsEffect 3 Mode 1Off
17EffectsEffect 3 M1 Mod 10%
18EffectsEffect 3 M1 Mod 20%
19EffectsEffect 3 M1 Mod 30%
20EffectsEffect 3 Mode 2Off
21EffectsEffect 3 M2 Mod 10%
22EffectsEffect 3 M2 Mod 20%
23EffectsEffect 3 M2 Mod 30%
24BeamX Rot 3 HighNo Rot
25BeamX Rot 3 LowNo Rot
26BeamY Rot 3 HighNo Rot
27BeamY Rot 3 LowNo Rot
28BeamZ Rot 3 HighNo Rot
29BeamZ Rot 3 LowNo Rot
30BeamScale X 350%
31BeamScale Y 350%
32BeamScale Z 350%
33BeamX Pos 3 HighCentre
34BeamX Pos 3 LowCentre
35BeamY Pos 3 HighCentre
36BeamY Pos 3 LowCentre
37BeamZ Pos 3 HighCentre
38BeamZ Pos 3 LowCentre